Film Character Development

Many beginning and intermediate script writers struggle with film character development. It’s been said that a truly great character can save an otherwise poor script. In a perfect world every script would tell a great […]

Character Background

Character background is vitally important when writing movie scripts. When you are developing a character, you need to be aware that they do not live in a vacuum. Their environment and upbringing will shape them […]

Naming Your Characters

Naming your characters is of great importance when writing a movie script. Giving your character the “right” name can often be a big piece in the puzzle of making your character feel like a real […]

The Villain In Script Writing

The Villain In Script Writing… For every Luke Skywalker there is a Darth Vader. For every Sherlock Holmes a Professor Moriarty. Every protagonist needs an antagonist to play off because without evil, goodness means nothing. […]

An Overview Of Dialogue

Dialogue is an excellent tool in developing a character. It should be used to gradually grow and evolve your characters and expound on the character arc. A lot of would-be scriptwriters worry about their ability […]