Film Character Development

Many beginning and intermediate script writers struggle with film character development. It’s been said that a truly great character can save an otherwise poor script. In a perfect world every script would tell a great […]

Character Research

You’ve got a great idea for a script. Your main character is a hotel manager who, with sheer will and determination, wants to become the owner of the biggest chain of hotels in the world. […]

Character Background

Character background is vitally important when writing movie scripts. When you are developing a character, you need to be aware that they do not live in a vacuum. Their environment and upbringing will shape them […]

Naming Your Characters

Naming your characters is of great importance when writing a movie script. Giving your character the “right” name can often be a big piece in the puzzle of making your character feel like a real […]

The Main Character

Your main character is the crown jewel in your story. Every scene in your script should reinforce what the character’s ultimate goal is and the lengths they will go to achieve it. They should be […]

The Villain

For every Luke Skywalker there is a Darth Vader, for every Sherlock Holmes a Professor Moriarty. Every protagonist needs an antagonist to play off because without evil, goodness means nothing. Suffice to say that everything […]

An Overview Of Dialogue

Dialogue is an excellent tool in developing a character. It should be used to gradually grow and evolve your characters and expound on the character arc. A lot of would-be scriptwriters worry about their ability […]