Character Development

It’s been said that a truly great character can save an otherwise poor script. In a perfect world every script would tell a great story and be chock full of interesting characters, however this isn’t a perfect world.

Some people are great storytellers who provide a fantastical narrative to their script but the characters feel lifeless and more like props to tell the story when, in fact, in should be a cast of scintillating character moving the script along.

In this section of the site will offer techniques, guides, and quizzes to help the aspiring scriptwriter develop intriguing characters with more layers then an Eskimo.

Character Researchimages

Character Background

Naming Your Characters

The Main Character

The Villain

An Overview On Dialogue

Using Adversity To Develop Characters

Making A Memorable Character

Giving Your Character A Unique Voice

Building Up A Great Character

Character Consistency And When To Break It

Character Relationships

Initial Character Creation

Character Psychology

Avoiding Stereotypes In Minor Characters

Hard Hitting Violence