Making Time To Write

Are you making time to write? If you’re a beginning scriptwriter it probably means you’re either working a full-time job, going to school or looking after your family. It always seems you never have enough time to write. So after it’s been a few days since you did any scriptwriting you start to feel guilty and get out of the swing of writing. This can lead to writers block or just giving up writing altogether.

Here are a few tips that will help you make more time to write your scripts…

1. If you do your writing on your PC, keep it on whenever you’re in the house. If you write freehand keep a pad a pen nearby at all times. Then whenever you get a spare moment, even if it’s only five minutes, you can get your head down and get some work done straight away.

making time to write2. Learn to multitask. If you’re a housewife or househusband then work your writing into your everyday chores. While you’re cooking there’s usually a gap where you’re waiting for something to boil or cool down, use that time to write. If you work or study then you can write in your lunch break or (if you’re daring) when you’re meant to be doing your job.

3. Write at night. This one is especially for prospective scriptwriters with families. Some of the most successful people only sleep a handful of hours a night. Cut into your sleeping time by an hour and get some scriptwriting done. This is how a lot of scriptwriters have to work before they are able to turn professional.

4. Write on the go. If you travel to work or school on the bus/train you have a small window of time where you have nothing to do. Instead of listening to music or just staring out the window use the time to think about certain scenes or characters and what you can do with them.

5. Create more free time by suggesting your partner go out more often with their friends. This gives you time to yourself, in house, to get some writing done without feeling guilty for leaving your partner on their own.

6. Write a list of the things you need to do next and keep them on your bedroom door. Every night before you go to bed you must cross off at least one thing before you can go to sleep.

7. The average person spends three years on the toilet! You could write at least three well thought-out scripts in that time. Next time you go to the toilet take a pen and pad. Also the air freshener.

8. Spend five minutes before you go to sleep going over your plans and script. This will keep the ideas fresh in your mind and allow your subconscious work on them while you sleep.

Bit by bit you can always find time to write a script. Get into the habit of making time to write. You just have to be dedicated and focused enough. Think of yourself as the main character and a finished script as the goal. There may be obstacles in your path but if you want to grow and develop you need to beat these blocks, no matter how challenging that may be, and achieve your goal.

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