Film Story Structure

There’s no doubt about it, breaking into Hollywood is tough. Thousands of scripts are sent each year. Some don’t get read, most get rejected, and a few make it. It is essential you get your film story structure spot on if you want to be taken seriously.

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If you want your script to become a viable commodity it has to have the following.

  • A main character who is driven towards achieving a goal
  • An opposition to your main character who will hold your main character back from achieving their goal
  • A fight (literal or metaphorical) between your main character and their opposition
  • An ending which answers the questions “Can the main character achieve his goal?”

If your script can present such a story, along with a well thought out main character who the audience can relate to, then you will have the jump on most scriptwriters.

Remember that once you have sold your script, how it is presented and portrayed is all in the hands of the director and the actors. If you want the story in your script to shine, then your structure must be solid. Think of the story structure as the framework and foundation of your script, from which you can create a wonderful piece of architecture. It doesn’t matter how good the story idea, if your film story structure is weak then the story will fall flat.

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