Selling Your Script

It seems like congratulations may be in order. If you’ve come to this section of the site then you’ve probably just finished your script and are wondering, “what next?”. Well, first of all, you can now officially consider yourself to be a screenwriter, you’ve got the body of work to prove it.

We well help you in every way possible to sell your script, and we won’t even ask for a 10% agents fee!

Everything you need to know about finding an agent, preparing a marketing plan, making a successful pitch and how to sell a script without an agent will be right here.

Now you are a scriptwriter with a finished script you’ll also be needing to know how to copyright your work. Well don’t worry because we have a guide to copyrighting your script coming soon and it’s can’t miss material.

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Copyrighting Your Script

Putting The Pieces Together To Sell Your Script

The Query Letter

Finding And Working With An Agent

Market Research

Teach Yourself Hypnotic Writing

The Meeting And Pitch

The Long Pitch

The Logline