Useful Resources

Final Draft – This is the script formatting software I use. Any image of a script you see will have been made using Final Draft. It makes scriptwriting so much easier, with just a push of the TAB button Final Draft will format between action, character name, dialogue and it even offers templates for writing spec scripts for specific shows such as The Simpsons and many others.

Screenwriter ToolsThe quick and easy guide to finding screenwriting software, books and supplies on the net.

Simply Scripts – Simply Scripts hosts a massive assortment of TV, movie and radio scripts. This is a great tool, if you want to see how a completed, sold script has been written. You can use these to improve your writing skills, formatting and see how other writers work around problems.

Script Fix – We’re here to provide you with comprehensive story services from our growing team of dedicated readers.

ScriptBird – A one-stop resource for screenwriters, provided by a working industry professional with years of experience inside the studio system.

Variety – All the up-to-date industry news you can handle. Here you can find out details on producers, agencies and keep one step ahead of the curve.

ScriptologistScreenplay coverage services and news about the art and business of screenwriting.

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